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Writing Challenge #1 - Lost Within

As part of my Nano Prep I'm challenging myself to write in genres that I am unfamiliar with as a writer.  So I asked my partner to give me a title, nothing more, nothing less and this is what we got 'Lost Within'.

I chose to write this in first person which in itself is an unknown for me but I have written a short piece that sets the scene.  The main character has been left without gender, identity or personality intentionally.

My challenge to you is to continue the below passage to develop this character and situation.  I am hoping to receive a variety of responses; think about who the character is, what got them in this situation, what they want to achieve, etc.

I am going to be doing this challenge along with you and I will post the results here, I will also post my favourite response that I receive.

Lost Within
...These walls are cold and the air is thick with a smell that is unfamiliar to me.  This small cave provides some respite from the endless labyrinth of tunnels that I have travelled for...well I'm not too sure how long.  Days, maybe weeks have passed since I was thrown into this God forsaken place with nothing but the clothes on my back.  Sleep claws at me as I sit here, willing me to close my eyes.  I know it's not safe but the thought of returning to the tunnels is too much for me.

A low hum fills my head and a strange sensation washes over me, it's familiar, like an old friend.  It's light, I can feel its warmth touch my skin as it gently wakes me.  I open my eyes, it takes a while to adjust to the glare but I soon find the source of the light.  Bedded into the walls are long lengths of electric lights.

After a small meal of stale bread that I found yesterday I decide to follow the lights back into the tunnels.  Turn after turn I find them illuminated, not all of them, it's as if they're taking me somewhere, guiding me to where they want me to be.

I turn another corner and the light is overwhelming, the tunnel swells to a vast expanse and on the other side I can see a figure, out of focus but a person nonetheless.  It must be the last one, the final challenge, it must be why the lights came on.  What happens here could give me back my life...


  1. I REFUSE to die here. This is NOT my portion. I've been many places but never in a place like this. For, I remember what life was like prior to this point. I remember how use to be. What happened? What led me here? Why am I so confused? Where is everyone at? Is this a nightmare or sick joke? What must I do? HELP HELP HELP ! Can anyone hear me? I'm in unfamiliar territory. I have nothing. Someone, Anyone please answer me. Are you there? Hello! Hello! Oh please here my cry SOMEBODY ! Heavenly father, I am Lost Within myself. I am trapped. For I see no way out. This is a dark place. I need light. I'm searching for light to no avail. Okay, let me think. Okay! I have to get out of this. I don't want to be lost. Where's the light? Where's the light? Here! Where's the light? Here! HELP! Here! Hello! Here! SOMEBODY! HERE! Oh my who is that? Who is that? Hello! HERE! Where are you? HERE! Who are you? I'm searching for light. I can't see. GOD is light. In him there is no darkness at all.
    1 John 1:5


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